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Rest assured, we have what it takes to provide you with a professional and efficient moving and packing experience. 

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We know how it goes. You’re looking to move, so you search for “moving services near me.” Suddenly you’re flooded with results and have no idea which service to use.

Alexander’s Moving should be your first bet for anyone considering a move in or around Plano. We’ve been moving families and businesses for many years, and we’re still going strong!

As Texas’ best movers and packers, we’re capable of moving whatever you need. 

We know that the moving process can be stressful. Rest assured, we have what it takes to provide you with a professional and efficient moving and packing experience. 

No job is too big or too small to take care of your needs. We’re always up to the task.

Our success rate is second-to-none with years of experience in the moving business. 

We attribute part of that success to the fact that Alexander’s Moving is a family-run business. Handling your concerns is one of our core beliefs. We work both in the office and in the field to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

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Packing Services - Free Walk Through

Moving, no matter how big or small the scope, is a complicated and stressful process. We offer a full consultation service, totally free of charge. 

You’re more than welcome to contact us and speak to one of our many qualified consultants. 

We’re happy to answer any and all questions you might have regarding packing and moving. Customer satisfaction is one of the many qualities we strive for.

We offer a comprehensive quote service for those interested in what our services will cost. 

Just fill in our request form and get started. We’ll get back to you with a quote once we get a sense of the scale of your move. This service is free and will help you feel more secure when partnering with the best movers in Plano. We’ll also be better able to fulfill your specific needs come moving day.

Need help with general questions regarding preparing your items for the move?

Be sure to take a look at our list of helpful hints

Some of these include recommendations on packing delicate items, who to contact to ensure your items’ safety for travel, and some of the possessions we recommend you take personally. 

Professional Packing And Moving Services

Professional quality packing and moving services are one of our highest priorities. 

All of our staff are both fully qualified and highly experienced. 

Apart from knowing what they’re doing as individuals, it’s essential that our members work as a team. Coordination and familiarity are crucial to ensuring a smooth moving process. As such, our teams are all used to working with one another and know how to play to each member’s strengths.

We’re equipped for short-distance and long-haul moves. 

No matter the distance, we treat each move with equal importance. While we may make plenty of moves, your family or business may not be familiar with the process. 

Our promise to you guarantees efficiency and understanding. We don’t make last-minute cancellations, and we’ll never leave you hanging for a bigger job. Your move is important to us.

If you aren’t able to or interested in packing your items yourself, our teams can do it for you. 

We’ll come in before the day of your move and thoroughly pack everything we can. Assuming you’ve followed our list of packing tips, you’ll know what we do and don’t pack. This will help our teams pack more efficiently and save you time.

The only task you need to do is to contact us, the best local movers and packers in Plano. We’ll quickly and efficiently take care of the hassle. You won’t have to do anything else but enjoy a smooth, stress-free move.

Full-Service Movers And Packers

We are full-service movers and packers. So, we offer the following excellent services at affordable rates:

Residential Moving

Moving from one house to another is a very overwhelming process. It’s full of feelings of excitement, tension, and uncertainty. 

The last thing you want to worry about is whether the moving service will do a good job. 

Rest assured that we will. We’ll work with you on a customized plan to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t.’ Whether you’re moving across town or even the country, we’ll make your plan work.

Commercial Moving

If your company is planning a move, you’ll need a reliable team that can work within your tight schedule.

Look no further. We offer fast, flexible service at competitive prices. Attention to detail and quality is paramount because we know your business has an image to maintain.

Best House Packing Help You Can Find

As we mentioned previously, we offer a list of tips for packaging your belongings for your move. However, we also provide a fully-featured packing help service. 

Our friendly and professional staff will work with you to ensure your items are safely secured. They’ll reassure you that grandma’s old china set will have the same amount of chinks you remember.

If you’ve followed our list, you’ll know that some items need a little more prep work than others. We can recommend reliable service companies for certain things that need servicing and checking. 

Our team can move your clothing from your closet straight into our furnished wardrobes for a nominal fee. Your clothes will arrive dust and wrinkle-free.

Our courteous crew will be at your disposal during the packing day. If there’s a change in plan, feel free to let them know, and they’ll do their best to accommodate. 

We take pride in our work, so we’re ready and willing to work within your schedule and specifications. We’re here to help you, so put us to work by contacting us today!